Family on Lawn

"My lawn went to heck after my wife fell ill and I felt terrible about the way it looked to my nighbors. I purchased the product and sprayed it green myself; it looks great and how easy! Wife is fine now and so is the lawn."

Todd and Tammy Webster
Temecula, CA

"I bought 3 quarts (more than was needed) for my daughters wedding that was held at our local beach park in Coronado CA. The grass leading up to the beach where she was to walk down was in terrible shape due to the traffic and salt air. We had a heck of a time trying to figure out what to do, cover with white runners, etc.
My buddy told me about this product and I ordered it right away and followed the instructions on the bottle and it worked beautifully! The dead grass looked perfect and the wedding pictures looked amazing. I have since heard stories of blueish color match problems with other lawn paints but can tell you without a doubt that this stuff matches Fescue perfectly, not sure about other grass but for fescue it is spot on.
Love the product and have since purchased for my home us whenever I have doggy urine spots or dead patches. I wish I could show you the pictures but cannot upload?
Anyway, we could not be happier with the stuff, good job guys. "

Jim D Pruitt
San Diego, CA

"The Lawnlift does a fantastic job of filling in those spots (small, large or even most of the lawn) that yellows frequently or just won't stay green long enough. We purchased the half-gallon for application on about 2000 sq ft. To apply this product we used a Gilmour sprayer we bought for $25. We diluted it a little more than Lawnlift recommends so that we could match the green of our neighborhood. After the grass was sprayed it had a newly watered appearance which, honestly, looked better than the real thing! We took a before and after picture. My brother thought we used Photoshop. Watch the instructional video Lawnlift provides. It was very helpful for the application technique. Lawnlift suggests the grass be not watered beforehand. Make sure it won't rain for at least an hour after you finish. Following these instructions will help make the color stay strong. It has been two weeks of watering and unusually heavy rainstorms and the lawn has stayed green and lush. We highly recommend ths product for drier climates and to get that pesky HOA off your back."

Realistic Expectations

"This product certainly worked very well to dye our dormant grass (and my footwear!) a very pleasing shade of green -- or at least, the part of the lawn I sprayed before I ran out of the dye. However, given the price I paid, I am not sure it would be cheaper to use this lawn dye rather than keeping the irrigation system running! But if I need nice green grass in a hurry, I will definitely buy this product again. "


"I had a birthday party planned so I fertilized the lawn... or should I say "over" fertilized! I ended up with a brown mess! I'd heard of lawn painting but I was hesitant to try it... but so GLAD I did! I chose Lawnlift because of the positive reviews, now I'm a believer! I received my order sooner than expected and my lawn looked so good nobody even noticed my goof up!"

David Simonson
Orlando, FL

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