General guidelines for painting grass

  • For Dead or Dormant Grass: For best results, grass should be mowed, dry and free of debris. Mix 1 part LawnLift™ with 10 parts water (Example 1oz. Paint to 10oz. Water.) Mix in a pump type garden sprayer commonly found at any home improvement store. Backpack sprayers are recommended for larger jobs where small hand trigger type bottles work great for smaller spot fill jobs and touch up. Color can last up to 3 months!
  • Note* Dead grass is dead… LawnLift™ will not resurrect dead grass, but it will make it appear healthy and green!
  • For yellowing grass: Mix 1 part LawnLift™ with up to 15 parts water. Please test as you add water for desired shade. These ratios will cover higher posted square footage estimates. Don't worry… Future growth of your grass WILL NOT be affected if fertilization and watering continue.
  • Note* Paint will eventually be mowed away in time as it grows and in most cases this takes several weeks.

LawnLift™ is typically applied with a simple garden sprayer which is readily available at most home improvement stores and start at about ten dollars!

  • Application Techniques: For best results spray in a rapid orbital/circular pattern using the finest mist setting or you may unnecessarily waste product. Some experimentation may be needed prior to mass application. Since everyone's preference is different, please feel free to experiment with the dilution process on small patches of grass until your desired shade is achieved. Small spots are best covered with a fading/blending spray action over just spraying the spot… Practice makes perfect!
  • Precautions: Mask off all area's you do not want overspray to get on including cement, brick, wood and other plants as product will stain anything it is in contact with just as any paint/dye would. If accidental staining occurs, immediately clean affected area with a window cleaner similar to Windex® and rinse with water. Use a "BBQ style" wire brush if needed.
  • Drying Time: Please allow a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes of drying time prior to walking on grass or tracking could occur.

Although LawnLift™ is Non-Toxic, we recommend you wear protective clothing such as latex style gloves, safety goggles and a cloth breathing mask as LawnLift™ could irritate some individuals.
Do not spray in windy conditions or with anyone present who could be affected by spray. Keep product out of reach of children.

  • Note* Lawnlift™ is not responsible for damaged items due to customer application!  

    Please feel free to call or email us with any other questions

    LawnLift™ contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals or any other inert ingredients.